5 Natural Testosterone Boosters

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is defined as a steroid hormone. Testosterone stimulates the development of the sexual characteristics found in men. It is produced mainly through the testes but can also be produced through the cervix and the ovaries.

Also, it is a type of androgen generated by the Leydig cells. Leydig cells are located within the testes next to the seminiferous tubules. Think of it as a generator of testosterone.

Why is it important?

Without testosterone, males are infertile. Testosterone aid in the male sex drive, fat distribution, blood cell production and muscle size and strength.

This means that the hormone is needed for male development and is highly demanded by older men.

Common methods such as HGH (human growth hormones) are risky. Side effects for taking HGH can include muscle pain, numbing and weakness of the skin and high cholesterol levels.

However, there are natural testosterone methods that are non-invasive. Through proper application of these methods, testosterone production will occur no matter the age.

Common dilemmas of testosterone production can be cured through proper exercise, Vitamin D, quality sleep, reducing stress and a healthy diet.

Strength + Interval Training

The first way to natural produce testosterone is through strength training.

Strength training is known to increase male’s testosterone levels by up to 50%. While any exercise such as distance running will boost testosterone, strength training is the most effective.

Make sure to train properly and safely! New weight lifters tend to over train their muscles during their first-time exercising. This causes negative side effects such as.

  • Trouble recovering from workouts
  • Loss of sleep
  • Weaker strength and performance.

When strength training, try to find exercises that encourage more muscle use. For instance, full body workouts such as squats, bench press and deadlifts will produce more testosterone than a simple bicep curl.

Additionally, exercises such as cardio and yoga are beneficial towards overall health. On an off day, implement these exercise methods into the schedule. It will aid in keeping the body proportional and help produce more testosterone.

A few weeks in the gym will raise one’s testosterone level through the roof.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D manages most of the body’s everyday functions. It is important for overall health and strong bones. In addition, it is great for making the brain, muscles and the body develop properly.

Like testosterone, Vitamin D can be produced naturally. The key is to make sure that enough Vitamin D is produced throughout the body. Having a good Vitamin D intake will aid in testosterone production almost instantly.

To get a healthy amount of vitamin D in the body, make sure to be exposed to sunlight daily. Sunlight is a natural producer of Vitamin D and it can be a great reliever of stress.

Vitamin D supplements are easily available at a local drug store. It is important to take the supplements while taking a meal so that it digests into the system properly.

One supplement that is recommended for Vitamin D is Fish Oil caps. Fish Oil caps are widely recognized as the supplement that improves the clarity of one’s skin. Through using Vitamin D supplements such as Fish Oil, the skin will become brighter and the body will pump out testosterone more effectively.

Vitamin D, will boost testosterone in a natural and healthy manner.

Stress reduction

Ever been plagued with constant stress?

Stress is one of the main reasons as to why testosterone levels are low amongst older men. Long days of work followed by a busy home schedule can cause testosterone levels to plummet.

The one way to fix stress is through meditation. Meditation is a calming activity in which one follows the breathing of their body. It is a relaxing activity that allows for the user to have more of a positive outlook towards life situations.

Another method for stress reduction is through finding a counselor. A counselor, or a trustworthy friend can aid into one’s emotional development. Through finding someone that can easily discuss emotional issues can one find stress reduction very simple.

It is! Handling emotional issues reduces stress and will help in a natural boost in testosterone.

Sleep properly

On average, the optimal amount of sleep is 7 hours a night. The best time to sleep is around 10PM – 2AM. Getting quality sleep is a must for testosterone to produce.

Look at how the body is developed. It is always in contact with other bodies, germs and other aspects that can be quite harmful. Also, the physical labor one goes through on a day calls for some good rest as home.

Here’s some advice, before going to sleep, do not engage in any activities that will cause stress. For example, do not check the bank account before bed time if it is going to make one upset.

Eat healthy!

Testosterone is often related to the food one eats. Eating unhealthy junk food will often cause for one’s average testosterone levels to drop fully. These are unhealthy fats which will destroy the body through continuous consumption.

The best thing to do in this situation is to add on healthy protein dense food. Eggs, meats and milk are foods that have enough protein content to help increase testosterone.

In addition, eat food that has healthy fats. For example, an avocado is a monounsaturated fat. Eating an avocado daily can help in boosting testosterone levels.

Food that has Omega-3s is also fair game. Omega 3’s fatty acids are great in increasing testosterone. Try foods such as flax seeds, walnuts and chia seeds to see a natural boost in testosterone.

Lastly, find healthy saturated fats. Some examples are coconut oil, yogurt or goat’s milk are perfect for this. Look out for the dairy products as well. Conventional dairy dampers natural testosterone production and can hinder one’s growth.

To conclude, natural testosterone boosters are the safest way to promote growth. They are non-invasive and each method improves personal health.

Creating a lifestyle that involves healthy actions overall is the key. Exercise, proper sleep these are leading steps one can take to have testosterone levels increase.

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