Food and Testosterone

The human body for males is in constant state of need. Feeding and giving the body proper nutrition will grant positive levels of testosterone growth. Testosterone production not only grows naturally, but also is a result from a healthy diet.

It is a common myth to assume that testosterone is not related to food. People who indulge on this myth often have unhealthy eating choices. Food is related to testosterone in the way it helps promotes body growth, muscle retention and energy levels.

People forget that having a healthy diet is the main reason for growth. Junk food consists of a lot of unhealthy fats leading to the destruction of one’s body. Studies show that over 60% of men who eat junk food lose testosterone levels faster than the average diet.

The supermarket is the best place to obtain such food. Certain wholefood markets will aid in the development of testosterone. Certain nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc are within food and are perfect for a healthy and natural growth of testosterone.

Here is a grocery list of foods to look out for the next time at the supermarket. The food listed aids in boosting testosterone level at a natural and healthy rate.


Harvard researchers report that men with higher levels of Vitamin D also had high testosterone ratings. One of the greatest foods to produce Vitamin D is in shrimp.

When there is a high amount of Vitamin D in one’s bloodstream, strength in the upper and lower body is evident. This is because Vitamin D is one of the body’s natural producer and manager.

Why is shrimp on the list? Because it has a good amount of Vitamin D nutrients within it. Adding shrimp to one’s lunch or dinner is a surefire way to make testosterone levels rise.

Shrimp alternatives that are ripe with Vitamin D are: salmon, sardines, free range eggs and mackerel.


Fruit like strawberries are ripe in Vitamin C. Vitamin C high athletes are known to have stronger bone density, muscle recovery and development.

This is great for athletes looking for gym gains. Recovery of the muscles is important and by filling the body with strawberries, the testosterone will boost swiftly.

Some other foods that are dense in Vitamin C are: kale, grapefruit, kiwi and oranges. Adding Vitamin C dense foods will surely up the testosterone levels.

Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc is another aspect needed for testosterone growth. In the human body, there are 300 different enzymes that need zinc to work normally. With Zinc the body increases healing rates for common issues such as wounds and acne.

Pumpkin seeds are ripe with Zinc which is beneficial for the digestive system and the recovery of one’s muscles.

Sneak pumpkin seeds into meals such as yogurt, oatmeal, salads and protein shakes. The testosterone-boosted seeds will ensure a stronger recovery and reverse the signs of low testosterone.

We also suggest foods such as chicken, oysters, turkey and steak for dinner. These Zinc concentrated foods are great to produce a healthier body and a growth in testosterone.


Coconuts are useful in the growth of testosterone and one’s paleo diet. The nutrients are within the nut; it produces a healthy saturated fat.

This differs from the unhealthy fat foods due to the carbohydrate content. Unhealthy fats tend to have high amounts of carbs and this often leads to a decreasing testosterone level.

To keep the physique in shape, consume up to 10% of the daily calories from saturated fat foods such as coconuts, butter and steak.

Egg Yolks

The leading source of natural protein is here. Egg Yolks are ripe with Vitamin D. While some can question the cholesterol content within eggs, egg yolks are healthier than egg whites. In fact, the cholesterol that is within egg yolks is proven to increase the testosterone levels within males.

Eggs make a great breakfast! If one does not have any preexisting conditions with cholesterol, egg yolks are the way to go. Crack open an egg a day and watch the testosterone levels rise.


Seafood. A great and healthy addition to anyone’s diet. The best thing about shell fish is that it is high in zinc content. This aids in fortifying the skin, muscles and testosterone development.

In fact, try an Alaskan King Crab! One three-ounce serving of a shellfish generates 43% of the needed level of zinc.

With an enhanced immune level and increased healing factors, this zinc dense food will make testosterone boost at an insane rate.

Wheat Bran

Wheat barn is an excellent source of magnesium. Magnesium is great in regulating the body temperature, energy production and producing strong bones and teeth.

Since magnesium is required for these activities, it is responsible for hundreds of biochemical reactions including testosterone production. Eating Wheat bran will ensure a healthy surge of magnesium and testosterone production.

We’d recommend trying whole grain foods, peanut butter and sunflower seeds as an alternative to wheat bran. All of these alternatives can be used to create a healthy diet.

Ricotta Cheese

One thing that is great about ricotta cheese is that it is dense in protein. This is because this lasagna supplement contains whey. Whey is a milk protein full of amino acids which are used to help break the body nutrients down.

Additionally, this aids in the breaking down of cortisol (stress) levels after exercise. Cortisol is a stress inducing hormone which can lower testosterone and sex hormone levels dramatically. Thus, through ricotta cheese is almost mandatory.

Some alternatives are: Milk, whey protein powder and yogurt.

To conclude, food is a needed supplement for the growth of the body. Without it and the testosterone levels takes a nosedive. One should aspire to eat at least 3-4 healthy meals a day to ensure they are getting the right testosterone boosted meals.

Treat the body like a shrine.

Exercise regularly and eat with respect to one’s health can cause a great difference. With great food, the body will recover from its low testosterone level gradually.

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